Implementing Business Visions

Janis Underwood, CH

Do you have a big mission? Do you want to serve in a big way but struggle to get your message across? Do you feel “crazy” or misunderstood?

Many of our clients are successful entrepreneurs who are in business for bigger reasons than making money. They have big missions and the visions they create for the future are very compelling; some would argue they are too big to achieve in a single lifetime. Over time I have come to realize entrepreneurs of this caliber are doing more than creating, they are on a mission to make lasting changes in their communities and the world.

re·form·er : a person who works to change and improve a society, government, etc

Is your mission as much a part of you as breathing and eating? Do you have trouble communicating or implementing your vision?

You are not alone.

Our team’s background in business and entrepreneurship helps us support the unique challenges associated with working for oneself. Implementing one’s vision and translating one’s values and unique gifts into a business requires a deliberate systematic approach.

We also work with sensitive intuitive reformers who want to make big changes in the world but suffer from stress, energy depletion and confusion. By validating their vision, offering practical ways for them to implement it, and aligning their actions to create their vision these intuitive business owners change the world with integrity and purpose.

We specialize in grounding visions into practical, easy to implement steps that gives our clients the advantage they are looking for. And by aligning their physical, mental and emotional well-being, they communicate their vision easily and their efforts pay off in a big way; saving them time and money.

Why is alignment so important? Let’s face it. The business-minded individual works with and serves people who are not like them. And, as a result, frustration and fatigue can take a toll on their work. There is something real about this as many suffer stress in the form of headaches, nausea and lack of energy – all because of the amount of energy it takes to deal with people who work differently than they do.

These individuals need to work in harmonious and aesthetically pleasant environments in order to feel good and be productive. They are sensitive to disharmony and frustration; especially when others don’t clearly understand their mission or what it means to be an engaged part of bringing about the changes they want to see in the world. They feel alone and isolated, like no one understands them and for them, having someone see them and their vision is very healing. Because they “feel” their way through relationships and problems, it can be hard for them to articulate their vision to others and can appear to be ungrounded or confused.

This is why a systematic approach is so important. Are you ready to change the world?

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…you helped me so much. Thank you for seeing me, for really seeing me…what you did was validating and helped me feel I could do it…after meeting with you I felt I could better articulate my mission to others and as a result so many opportunities have come my way…
- Melissa
Entrepreneur, Renewable Energies
I highly recommend working with Janis Underwood. She has helped me tremendously with my productivity and business development. Janis helped me uncover some inner blocks and was able to create a custom hypnosis program that cleared a major block. I highly recommend Janis and will use her again.
- Neil Stokes
Commercial Real Estate Broker